Aamer Habib

Aamer Habib

Aamer Habib

Among all International Journalists and Businessmen Aamer Habib is a name of a person which is known as the famous Media person and a businessman in Pakistan and United Arab Emirates. As a Businessman, multimedia journalist, and a Trainer he is working in many fields such as TV anchor, News caster, investigative Journalist, crime reporter, Business Journalist, social worker, article writer, book writer, Fitness expert, Weight loss trainer, Advertising and Marketing expert, Digital marketing trainer, Best brand manager and Best product manager etc.


He completed his Master degree from NUML University Islamabad in 2012 in International Relation and then started working in Pakistan Television (PTV) as TV reporter.

He is also well known among International Journalists. He is one of very active Pakistani journalist and news anchors. He is currently working as a TV anchor and news caster in Public TV Media. Aamer Habib also host one of famous TV program on Public TV News, that is known as “Special investigation with Aamer Habib”, in this program he expose the illegal acts of society or crimes related to corruption, police, hospitals, doctors, poverty, electricity or gas issue, water problems, child Labour etc.

  • He has Worked for “The International Newspaper” as Article Writer for 2 years
  • He is Co-founder of Future Star Rent A Car from 2012-present
  • He is Managing Director of “Public TV Media” from 2016-present
  • He has worked in “Modern Word Advertising “for 2 years as a Growth Manager.
  • Currently he is managing Advertising and marketing of more than 1000 Companies.
  • He has given training to more than 150 people related to advertising, marketing and business.
  • He has also worked as fitness trainer in Ahlan GYM Dubai.
  • He has written Above 500 articles.


Aamer Habib is also a well-known businessman; he is a CEO of Publak group of companies. Future Star Rent a Car, Public News and Media Corporation and Public TV Media.


  • Aamer Habib has recorded 400+ TV Programs and Reports.
  • He is a well-known Business Growth and development expert in Pakistan and UAE; he has lots of experiences related to business development.
  • He is a Media Expert that works with many media companies and now has its own media group known as Public TV Media.
  • He is also a motivational speaker and many videos people are watching by YouTube.
  • He is one of the top Youtuber in Pakistan and UAE.
  • He is Advertising and marketing specialist, trainer and Business Consultant.
  • He has written more than 500 English and Urdu articles related to different topics and issues.
  • He has written a famous book with the name of Business and Life.
  • He is an investigative Journalist and crime reporter and also hosts a program in Public TV Media.
  • He is also a Health and Fitness Coach. And gives fitness training in Dubai.
  • He is Co-founder of Future Star Rent A Car from 2012-present
  • He is Co-founder and Chairman of A United Force Organization.
  • Former Pakistan Television (PTV) as TV Reporter
  • He is Registered in Sharjah Media City Shams since 2016.
  • Certified from National Media counsel
  • Certified from Dubai Press Club
  • Deliver lectures in “Digital Marketing Institute”
  • Active member of Pakistan Social Center Sharjah
  • Active member of Pakistan Business council Dubai


Aamer Habib also introduces organization that name as A United Force Organization (AUFO), he is also chairman of this organization. This organization is also certified from Pakistan. The purpose of this organization is as follow;

  • Prosperity
  • Unity
  • Social welfare
  • Human rights violation especially in Pakistan.

This organization is come in force for some specific people such as prisoners, poor people, patients etc.


  • He wants to make a chain of fitness clubs in Pakistan especially in Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Chakwal and also want to give free awareness to people related to fitness importance.
  • He Wants to make a chain of small business, want to teach small business importance to all people in Pakistan. Aamer Habib wants to develop confidence among people that business is good for them whether on small level. People can earn more money from business as compare to jobs.
  • He Wants to make marketing and advertising institute in Pakistan, he wants to teach business owner about importance of marketing andadvertising works as oxygen for your business, and without this you can’trun your business. If you ignore this aspect you become failing.
  • He wants to open a public library for more awareness.
  • Develop AUFO (A United Force Organization) with more influence.
  • He wants to make an organization that help poor people who has no money for treatment, give help to those who want to acquire education and prisoners etc. this organization also give free assistance related to small business.
  • He wants to give awareness to all businessmen in Islamabad, Rawalpindi and many other areas.
  • He wants to improve the system of media in Pakistan. He wants to make a team of media in Pakistan and practically implement the new reforms related to media.
  • He wants to conduct research on more than 100 businesses to enlighten their importance.

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